At this moment we do not take in any new collections!

Do you stop collecting and want to sell your Funko Pop collection in one go?

Contact us!

Funhunters buys your Funko collection.

It is important to remember that we will make an offer that is lower than the PPG (PopPriceGuide) Value. The reason for this is that we have to resell them.

How does it work?
– Send an email to stating ‘selling collection’
– Send a list/link of your 
PPG (PopPriceGuide)
– We would also like to receive a photo (or several) of your Funko collection
– Also, tell what condition the items are in (much damage or none)
– If there is damage, send us pictures of this damage. By damage we mean:
Tears in the box, broken or damaged displays, discoloring, sticker residue other stains etc
– We only buy Funko products that have been placed in a smoke-free area.
After receipt, we strive to come up with an appropriate offer within a week.

NEW! You can now also send your PPG link and photos to us through Whatsapp: +31642605998

Do you accept our offer?
We will pay the shipping costs and you can send your collection to us
(or bring it to our warehouse)
Make sure you pack the items well, no one would like to receive damaged items.
– A sturdy box that is well taped,
– Fill the box well, with airbags, bubble wrap or newspapers
– Are there any grails? Then make sure these are placed in the middle of the box!
– After receiving and checking the products you will be paid the amount within 5 (working) days via PayPal!

We buy your collection in one go, and the price is adjusted accordingly!