Funko Pop! Garruk Wildspeaker #02 Magic The Gathering


Funko Pop! Garruk Wildspeaker from Magic the Gathering
Number: #02
Boxcondition: [8/10]

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* A note about condition: We try our best to grade our Pops accurately so you know what to expect your Pop and its box to look like. Pops listed as an 8 out of 10 or better can be expected to have at the worst very minor shelf wear, and at best be perfectly mint. Grading is subjective and not everybody will see things the same way which is why we have a no questions asked return policy on all Pops. Please consult our Condition Guide if you have any questions regarding how we grade our Pops

** Sticker Disclaimer: We try our best to use accurate stock photos, meaning if the pic shows an exclusive sticker then the Pop you receive will also have the exclusive sticker. If there is no sticker in the pic then you should purchase with the understanding that the Pop you receive will have no sticker. All Pops that we sell without stickers are still 100% legitimate and authentic, but were sourced from overseas sellers located in places such as Europe and Australia where store exclusives are handled differently.

*** Legal disclaimer: All Pops were purchased by us on the secondary market and not directly through Funko. Therefore they are being sold as used.


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