We do our best to accurately assess our Pop boxes so that you know what your Pop and its box might look like. Assessment is, of course, subjective, and not everyone will see things the same way. So if you buy a Funko Pop from us and disagree with our condition, get in touch, and we’ll do our best to make things right. We are only happy when you are. That said, most collectors would consider us to be very conservative when it comes to sorting boxes. For example, our 8 can look a lot like what most would consider a 9 (or even 10). Please note that we are only reviewing the box and not the actual Pop itself. Many pops can have factory paint flaws; we do not keep this on our rating scale.

This is a general guide to what each digit will look like. If we rate a Funko Pop with a half grade (example: 7.5 / 10), it means it has errors that qualify it as a 7, but in our view, it presents better than the technical grade: 10 – We will never give a Pop a perfect 10, so a 9.5 is the highest number a Pop can get on our scale.

9 – An almost perfect Pop. A 9 only shows 1 or 2 barely visible defects that are only visible upon close inspection.

8 – The box will be very presentable and will show very little wear. The box may have 1 to 3 minor flaws.

7 – The damage to a 7 will be much more noticeable, but the Pop will still present well. The box can have 1 to 3 moderate errors.

6 – The box can have 3+ moderate and/or 1 serious fault. 6 is where the box’s flaws begin to become more apparent, and the visual presentation is compromised.

5- This is where things start to get ugly. A 5 will have 2 or more severe flaws yet be somewhat presentable.

** It is rare that we rate a doll below 5. If we consider the box to be a 5 or lower, we will usually take it out of the box and sell it as an “Out-of-Box”.

*** There is always an element of judgment involved in assessing Pops’ condition. The state grade we give for a particular doll is our opinion, no more, no less. Please understand that this is not an exact science, but we do our best to be consistent with our grades.

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