Welcome to Funhunters!

As Funko Pop collectors, we know all too well how much you want to complete your collection and how difficult this can sometimes be! Because of this, we soon discovered that there is a large market in second-hand Funko Pop!. Mainly Pops that are difficult to obtain in Europe or have been Vaulted for a long time. We, too, have spent many hours in this. The search was sometimes challenging, with often far too high ‘selling prices’ and often difficult communication. That is why the thought quickly arose: ‘this should be easier,’ and FunHunters was born there!

The goal of Funhunters is to make it accessible to everyone to quickly and easily obtain all kinds of Funko products. So also the special editions or limited editions. And all this without long and difficult searches on second-hand websites, sky-high prices, and in a safe environment. We also think it is essential to be transparent about the box condition and/or any damage etc.
In short, an ideal webshop for the real collector!

Funhunters buys all kinds of Funko products from all over Europe.
And yes, these come from the secondary market. It is, therefore, also possible that an item has damage. But this does not mean that it is no longer worth anything.
Products with damage are also welcome at Funhunters!

Besides that Funhunters purchases throughout Europe, it is also possible to offer your collection to us! We also buy entire collections. So do you stop collecting? Or do you want to get rid of it? Then you can come to us.
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